Two Hands On The Cross


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Two Hands On The Cross

Diamond Incarnation

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發佈時間 2015-04-03


Did i teach you not to love?
Or have i been too rough?
A kiss for a softened pain
In the moonlight
Never seemed to be enough

Standing by your lovers grave
With one foot in but safe
Weeping for your loss
Two hands on the cross
Your eyes have never seen a saint

Easy is the path i roam
Without a guide by my side, alone
If the devils servant was waiting for me
She could lead me all the way back home

When did you decide to leave
The desert in your mind for me
You cleaned up the chaos
Kicked out the demons
Never gave a guarantee

What a pleasant game to play
Feelings changing every day
A walk in my shoes
Would be good to choose
If only you had sins to pray for

from Arenaceous Flowersouls EP, released 02 July 2014

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